Is the shipping discreet?

Shipping is very discreet. Spore prints are shipped in a standard letter envelope and appear just like any other letter.

What is your refund policy?

If you have any issues with your order, please contact us, and we will do what we can to make it right. Our spore syringes and prints are guaranteed 100% viable and contamination-free for 30 days. We will replace any unviable order free of charge. Or we can issue a refund.

Do We Ship Everywhere ?

We ship all our products world wide all you need do is place your order .

How Secure Is Our Website ?

Our payment process is safe and secured , all client information inserted on our website remains deiscrete due to company policy

How Long is Shipping ?

We offer various types of delivery and shipping – Express Delivery ( 24 Hours ) – Overnight Shipping ( 24 Hours ) – Regular Shipping ( 2-3 Days )

Which payment methods do we accept ?

We accept payment through the following means – Bitcoin – Cashapp – Zelle – Paypal ( Friends & Family ONLY) – Apple Pay, Venmo.

Is Delivery Guaranteed ?

We have 100% secure and safe garantee . We do reshipping if you do not receive your package or package was damaged or loss.

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