Treasure Coast cubensis mushrooms originate in Florida, along the Gulf Coast, and as the name suggests they are indeed a treasure of the coast! A favourite among amateur mycologists, these mushrooms are some of the easiest to identify thanks to a few key features. They are short in stature, but grow in large clumps, the caps are light brown or white, and their spores are dark blue to black in color.

Among mushrooms, Treasure Coast Cubensis are some of the fastest growing and most pathogenic resistant strains of wild cubensis, making them ideal for more rapid cultivation among growers – if you don’t mind the smell of bovine dung or dung rich soils in warm tubs that is. As this is a species of cubensis, they contain roughly the average psilocybin content of 0.63% per gram of dried weight, making them a good average for most mushroom enthusiasts.

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